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Update: 09.02.2016

The Game from East

The game of Go has very ancient roots and was originally a privilege of the elite - priests and leaders. In Central Asia during the excavation of the shamans' burials of 4-5 thousand years standing archeologists often find a half-rotted leather sacks with white and black stones and the remains of wooden planks. At first glance such strange objects are sets of game go prototype used for divination. Exposing on the Board black and white stones, symbolizing the good and evil forces, the shaman was determined by the shapes that occur on the Board, future events. The experience of divination became the basis for classical the "I-Ching"(Book of changes).

The next stage of development of Go is associated with Japan, where the game was brought to 2.5 thousand years ago by immigrants from Central Asia. In the XVII century Japan undergone troubled times of internecine wars to create centralized state. In these wars could defeat a warlord who possessed the will, discipline, intuition and logical thinking - all these qualities are fully developed in Go game and turned the samurai as well in the model with which they can practice their generalship. In fact, the goal of Go is to isolate at the Board with their stones as many game points - akin to the goal of any war is to capture as many territories, and many of the techniques used in the game of Go, similar to the techniques of the art of war: the straps on the flanks, ambushes, sacrifices military forces to win time, diversionary attacks and so on, the Game of Go is still used for the training of masters of martial arts. By the end of the XVI century, the unification of the country was completed, and the Japanese Emperor issued a decree obliging all public officials and military leaders to study and play Go. In Europe, the game was brought in the mid-nineteenth century, when Japan and China began to remove the ban on contacts with foreigners. Unfortunately, the niche of the logical games are already firmly conquered chess and checkers. And only after the II world war the game of Go has received a new impetus in its development and distribution - the process of establishing Japan as the most advanced industrial country in the world. Japanese corporations are built on the principles of military management structure and led by former officers, rigidly, and tenaciously led the fight for mastery of European and American markets, and soon there was a staggering success. Not lagged behind them and South Korea, further, Hong Kong Convention, the Taiwanese counterpart. Not the last role in these achievements played a knowledge and skills far Eastern businessmen in the theory and practice of Go, which was introduced in the curriculum of business colleges and schools of Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Interested in the phenomenon of the Asian "tigers", Europeans and Americans began to study the culture and customs of the countries of the Far East, including Go game. In 50-ies formed a Federation game lovers of Europe, America, Canada. Japan has a professional League that brings together the best players in the world. Annually, there are European and world Championships, tournaments of the Grand Prix series, sponsored by the famous Japanese Corporation "Fujitsu". At the world championship computer gaming software the biggest prize - 300 thousand US dollars from Taiwan University, was awarded to the winner of the tournament game. The prize is 1 mil. USD established for the creators of the program playing at the level of 1st Dan, but due to objective reasons - a huge number of options in the game! - the computer will reach serious level of skill of the player only in the future.

Go - game of the gods!
(Oriental wisdom)

Refers to the sports logic games like chess, draughts, Renju, etc. with perfect information (unlike games with unpredictable information - the cards, dice, etc.). History spans more than four thousand years, which makes this game the mother of all mind games.

Go - art of harmony and balance!
(Oriental wisdom)

Occurring (presumably) from the art of divination for the , the game of Go has inherited the magical properties of character education, bringing it to the optimum level.

Go - school of life!
(Oriental wisdom)

The Ability to develop logical thinking (not only countable but abstract) unique. Playing Go, the person subconsciously knows the laws of life and being useful to specialists of all professions, and the time spent on the development of the logic of this wise game, will be compensated at the decision of specific professional tasks. Rules of Go natural. They are not invented, as in other games, and opened, as a phenomenon of nature. The relationship with nature determines magical ability of the game to influence the education, logic, mind, nature and the whole range of business qualities.

Go is the most captivating and magnetic game!
(Nihon Kiin)

Repeated alternation of combinations, and strategic plans makes the game extremely sharp and attractive. Game rules are very simple compared to other puzzle games. They can be learned in just a few minutes. On sale normally in shops or departments of spiritual and esoteric books, there are kits and educational materials on the wise and the most fascinating game in the world. However, alone to learn to play Go is not easy. In the best case it will be able to master the primitive Go - . One who has realized the necessity of mastering the secrets of Go, will play a lot of training and tournament games with experienced players, having lost in the first phase tens or even hundreds in a row.

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