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Update: 05.07.2018

Location of the venue of the Festival:

Nearest hotel - Tsentralnii, address: Preobrazhenskaia str.,40

Possible placement in the hostel of Odessa Agrarian University!
Address of the hostel: 98 Kanatna St.
Estimated hour: 12 (ie, if you want to settle before 12:00, it is necessary to pay for the previous day).
Conditions: 5-and 2-bed rooms of the hotel type, in each room a bathroom (shower, toilet). Order by the number: (095) 155-37-23 Katerina Valerievna, order no later than 10 days. Number of rooms is limited .
Getting There:

More links to where you can find your place of residence:

Hotels & Hostels in Odessa


General questions on accomodation, help in selecting the best option: +380-50-3928086,+38097-6512622 Oleg Folomiev
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